Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park - discovering the hidden gems

Good day to all!

As the weather has slightly improved here in the afternoon, and it is no longer raining cats and dogs, I eagerly search for another place to explore in Singapore, since there is only one month left until the end of my exchange, and a short while ago I promised myself to escape from the dorm at every earliest opportunity. Now I feel that I am pretty much obliged to put my money where my mouth is, and I should come up with something new and different for every day! It is by no means a problem, as there is still a whole host of places yet to explore in Temasek.

The weather is sunny and rain-free, so I should definitely take advantage of these rare hours and go outdoors, as the forecast says there won’t be much of such pleasant weather in the coming days. In close proximity – about 2km walk – there is a wonderful green Bishan - Ang Mo Kio park. Why not make it there?

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The park, being one of the largest in central Singapore, has spanned over 62 hectares of unique waterways and greenery. Beautiful and clean - it is a true pleasure to explore.

CIMG7763 500x375

Towering above the greenery on the side of the park is Tse Tho Aum Temple.

CIMG7757 500x375

As you walk further in the park, you run across peaceful waterways

CIMG7779 500x375

and more and more jungle-like sceneries

Singapore does not seize to amaze wherever you go. Even this park turned out to be a gem, and a very good exercise, as the walk was about 10 km in total. Tired but with a feeling of fulfillment and happiness I head home.

This is all for today. Have a great day and see you soon J


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