Visiting the National Gallery of Singapore

Good day from Singapore.

The reason why I have been so eagerly waiting for Lunar New Year and the following holidays is not just the holidays and festivities alone. I knew weeks before that when the holidays will start, almost all of the museums in Singapore will be open for visitors, and the admission to all of them would be absolutely free of charge – not a bad way to spend your holidays while saving around 10-15 euros on each of the museums, and a much more considerable amount in total. Why not use this brilliant opportunity and head to explore them while they are all free?

Having searched the web, I found out that the National Gallery of Singapore has a free admission already today, so why not make it there?

CIMG7710 500x375

The National Gallery of Singapore is predominantly located in the left part of this building. On the right side is City Hall – the place where the Japanese officially surrendered in 1945 to end the World War II in Singapore.

CIMG7882 500x375

This building in itself is another sight of Singapore.

In the museum there are numerous exhibitions on art in Singapore since the 19th century, colonial past, ceramic works dating back centuries ago, and many more. I most of all enjoyed the exhibition on the highlights of the Singapore’s Constitutional Documents, where I got to see the copy of the Proclamation of Singapore commemorating the separation of Singapore from Malaysia in 1965.

CIMG7905 500x375

There it is under the glass.

Know I know that if I had to pay, the gallery would have been worth the money as it was very educative and interesting. With this I am finishing my todays blog. To all those coming to Singapore for a holiday or exchange, my advice would be to check out the coming public holidays and find out whether there are some free admissions to museums or other attractions. Most probably there would be something and you will be able to save some money, which is always a pleasant thing, as I, for instance, went to the Sentosa beach for free before the New Year, and got to visit most of the museums free of charge. As the saying goes, “Penny and penny laid up will be many!”

Have a great day and see you soon!


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