An absolute must see in Singapore - the National Museum

Good day from Singapore!

I have been quite busy for the past several days, as many things have been happening on both scholarly and pastime fronts. Whereas scholarly front didn’t bring anything but some routine assignments, pastime one was indeed interesting and very exciting at times. All thanks to Chinese New Year, which turned out to be very generous with presents and surprises in Singapore. The Lunar New Year was just around the corner, and I started to search for festivities and ‘things to do during CNY’ in Singapore. A host of options appeared! First, and most pleasantly for me, all of the Singapore’s museums were operating as open houses during the Chinese New Year holidays, which meant free admission to all of them. What a great coincidence, given that I was just about to start visiting them. Well, museum tickets would not have broken the bank, but saving is always pleasant, isn’t it? It is even more so when I realize that it would have totaled fifty something euros given the number of times I was visiting them. You already know that I visited Asian Civilizations Museums, National Gallery and the Battlebox Museum. As for me, the Battlebox Museum and the ACM were more interesting, as I am more keen on history than art, but the National Gallery also had some worthy collections on the history of Singapore. My all-time favorite here, however, was the National Museum of Singapore.

CIMG8027 500x375

You would not believe, but I went to see it three times in two days. It’s collections and exhibits were so interesting and well-arranged, that I simply couldn’t get enough of that place. When I went there the first time, I got lucky and was able to join a free tour on the part covering the history of Singapore. It was so fascinating and enthralling that I was listeningas carefully and attentively as never before.

CIMG7969 500x667

I learned more about the WWII in the Asiatic-Pacific Theatre. This is what, for instance, besides tanks and armored vehicles, allowed the Japanese to be very mobile and advance quickly towards Singapore.

CIMG8041 500x375

Here is an attribute from Singapore’s more remote history. They were first brought here in 1880 and were used for almost as long as 70 years. An extremely physically demanding job.

CIMG8052 500x375

This is how they partied in the early times of Singapore.

CIMG8059 500x375

You could even try how it is like to watch a movie in a drive-in theater in the old times…

CIMG8078 500x375

…and trace the history of Singaporeans’ everyday life to the more modern times by visiting a typical Singapore’s household several decades ago…

CIMG8042 500x375

and how it was rapidly transforming into the financial hub if Asia.

What shall I say? Very interesting and educative exhibitions, and one of the best museums I have ever seen. A definite must-see in Singapore.

This is all for today. Have a great day and see you soon J


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