Spectacular view of Singapore

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Chinese New Year celebration in Singapore was quite generous to me. It has brought several surprises and discoveries. Besides free admission to all of its museums during the festive period, discovered a spectacular view of Singapore – a view of its skyline and Marina Bay vicinity. All by chance, as I decided to take an evening walk as the alternative of staying in the dorm did not really appeal to me.

Whereas the majority of observation decks have quite an entrance fee to pay ranging from fifteen to thirty-five euros, the one that I discovered was once again for free, or, better say, for a song, as you still had to make you way there on a public transport. This, I would admit, was just a mere lack – both that I discovered the place and that it was free on that particular day.

I didn’t really feel like staying at home and dying from boredom. Neither did I want to go and see a movie in a movie theatre, as other exchange students did. Why didn’t I join them? Simply because I was sure Singapore has rarer and more stunning sceneries and experiences than any movie would give you, and I can, after all, leave the movies for the latter. It proved to be the right believe.

As I was walking past the National Museum of Singapore, I noticed that there were people on the rooftop. I decided to check it out, as the admission was still free due to the celebrations. The view turned out to be absolutely spectacular.

CIMG8106 500x375

CIMG8127 500x375

CIMG8137 500x375

No, it is not a UFO landed in Singapore. It is the building of the Supreme Court of Singapore.

CIMG8207 500x281


I stayed there until late in the evening, as I simply couldn't get enough of the view.

For all coming to Singapore, I recommend this place. If you can come to see the National Museum of Singapore during weekend or public holiday – do it. It will take quite a period of time – perhaps until early in the evening - to go through all the exhibitions they have on offer. Once you are finished, you can head to the top floor where you can enjoy lovely food or a drink while contemplating the beauty of Singapore during sunset. A great pastime, I would say! Not only would you see the exhibitions, but also enjoy an amazing view.

This is all for today.

Have a great day and see you soon J


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