Chinese New Year Celebration @ The Float

Hello everyone! J

The weather insists that I stay in the dorm, as it is raining cats and dogs outside. They call it monsoon season, but for me it pretty much looks like a natural cataclysm. Our apartment is on the second floor, so I don’t think I should be worrying too much.

School stuff is done, so is the planned gym exercise, and I have now sat down to write another blog entry, as there is quite a lot to share with you. As I promised recently, I was going to write about the Chinese New Year celebration. It seems that the time has come and I have to put my money where my mouth is, and write the blog.

Shortly speaking, it was a very cheerful and colorful celebration.

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The entrance was promising an evening full of colors and new experiences.

Preceding the highlight of the program – the much awaited firework displays – was a concert with traditional songs and dances performed by local artists – a show worth seeing. The Chinese thematic was all novel and unusual to me, but I definitely enjoyed it.

2 500x266

3 500x281

At the same time the cheerful crowd got to enjoy the tasty treats served by numerous stalls thereat, participate in one of the exciting contests, rides and game stalls, or just contemplate the lively decorations of the so called “Float”, where it all was organized.

4 500x281

Don’t ask me why there are robots. I have no idea.

5 500x281

The Lion and the Rooster make much more sense J

6 500x306

Following and crowning it all were firework displays. Well, they were far from those displayed at midnight of the 31st of January, but still an enjoyable thing to contemplate. Better than staying at a dorm.

7 500x281

I managed to get higher to capture it. sry for the quality.

8 500x281

All in all, I would say that it was a very interesting experience, as I haven’t seen any celebration close to this in terms of thematic, decorations and shows. I definitely enjoyed it, and it made my weekend.

This is, however, all for today.

Have a great day and see you soon!


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