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What's up?

Hey all!

Long time no see… And yes, I am going to continue writing in English ;) The latest period in school was busy for me and I haven’t had time to write about what is going on at the moment. But now it is a great time to do that.

During the third period I had eight courses and preparing the thesis same time. The courses were International Business Law and Contracts, Developing High Quality Supply Chains, Budgeting and Business Planning, and Leadership Skills to mention few. Mainly my courses included lectures, exercises or cases, and almost in each course we had exam in a so-called exam week. So how did I spend my third period: studying, studying and studying. I was working only few times, which was suitable considering the amount of studies.

IMG 1127 2

Some books needed for the thesis, they were also helpful with the course of Developing High Quality Supply Chains.

On exam week I had four exams in three days. I can tell it was a shock after such a long period having only one or maximum two exams. Exams I did on that week: Tuesday – IT Tools for Business, Wednesday – Tools for Quantitative Data Analysis, and Budgeting and Business Planning, Thursday – International Business Law and Contracts. One exam I had to postpone due to overlapping and that exam, Written Finnish, I am doing tomorrow in a common exam.

IMG 1085 2

Trying to study for the Budgeting and Business Planning exam at school

About the thesis I can tell that there has been progress, luckily, even though sometimes I have had a lack of motivation. The lack of motivation is not due to the topic but reading the theory is sometimes demotivating. Now the work itself is halfway done actually, from theory and practice parts only two categories are undone. What motivates the most my thesis supervisors both from the school and the company liked the content and the only corrections they want are considering the language used. So now in few weeks I should complete the work totally, so hard work ahead.

As I am graduating I have actively been seeking a permanent job since the summer. Finally hard work is rewarded and after sending loads of job applications I have now been in couple of job interviews. At the moment I know for sure that I am in the second round of interviews for one job and the most likely also for another job I was interviewed today. Overall, one step closer and hopefully at least one of those jobs will be mine. Luckily I get to know the results in a few weeks already.

IMG 1052 2

It can't always be just studying and working... I was preparing for a date night with my boyfriend, a dinner out and movies.

In this fourth period (the LAST!!!!) I will have only two courses, completing the report of practical training, two exams, and the maturity test. The maturity test will be written in Finnish even though the studies have been completed in English due to my nationality, every Finn need to write it in Finnish. I am a bit worried about that aspect… :D So now in the next weeks I am focusing on the thesis, nailing the second interview(s), and working out by going to gym etc. And what is the new thing is that as I have more free time now I am so excited about cooking again. I want to try new things in kitchen and I am addicted to the superfoods: chia, goji-berries, cocoanibs, yummy!

IMG 1122 2

One of my new breakfast favourite: chia-pudding with rasberries

IMG 1159 2

New motivation for finishing the studies with a new tool. iPad is useful after the studies as well. 

I also try to activate myself considering this blog. In the next weeks I try to post about our apartment, tell how we ended up to this option and how did the process with the apartment go. I have taken almost all photos but living room and hallway is lacking. In our hallway is currently an old bookshelf waiting for one friend to carry it away because I decorated our bedroom again and changed some furniture. :D

IMG 0731 2

Here comes a sneak peek from our home. My desktop in the living room. 

- Anni

About the studies of the third year's autumn in International Business

New year has started properly so now it is a good time to look back for the autumn’s studies, and look what kind of spring is coming ahead. Hopefully this semester will be my last in the University of Applied Sciences. This time the whole post is only in English, I assume it is still easy to understand. ;)


In the first period I didn’t have many courses so I was working a lot. Along the autumn I was gathering practical training hours in my work place doing different projects. I had courses: Managing Organisations, Personal Selling and Customer Service, Research Methods, Academic Writing, and thesis process lectures. Many of these courses were about a thesis and studying what type is academic English, so we know what kind of language is required from us. The rest two courses were about how to manage organisations, and selling for both B-to-C and B-to-B customers. At the end of the period I luckily had only one exam. Well, luckily because I am not a fan of exams but it doesn’t mean we didn’t have to do anything else. In these courses we had to do different tasks, as analyse a thesis, and to get familiar to different managing theories and how those are implemented in real life.

IMG 0259


Quite at work -> studying to exam of Research Methods, didn't like it...

The second period was far more full of work and the time was consumed a lot at the library as well as at work. I had altogether five courses: International Business Simulation, Human Resource Management, Analysis of Financial Statement, Services Marketing, and Entrepreneurship and Business Plan. From all of these courses the Analysis of Financial Statement included the most work compared to others. In that course we had weekly tasks, preparing the analysis of a company’s financial statement, and an exam. Instead, in the International Business Simulation course we had to run our company virtually and competed against other groups. Unfortunately, the most of the course went to learning how that system works so our group didn’t have enough time to use our skills to actual game. This time I had even two exams at the end of the period. One of the exams was done virtually and the other I had in a common exam. This Entrepreneurship and Business plan exam was in a common exam only because the exam wasn’t the actual way to do the course. I just had already so many group works and I couldn’t manage to get more time into my calendar to meet the group so I chose the exam. 

Almost all my autumn’s courses were the third year courses except Managing organisations and Personal Selling and Customer Service in the first period. Those were courses I couldn’t have complete in exchange so those were undone courses from my second year spring. Overall my studies were better than I expected as I was working same time a lot, which meant that I didn’t have any free time. All the time I wasn’t at lectures or work was spent in the library. Sometimes the clock was half past ten at the evening when we left from school. This meant really much work and sometimes it felt too much, but when the holiday started, the feeling was amazing.


Just before the holiday I visited a global logistic company in Vantaa to decide and make an agreement of my thesis. My spring will be about making the thesis and completing the rest of the undone courses from the second spring. My thesis will be about supplier management. 

IMG 0714 2


Reading articles and studies for the thesis at home.

Now at the third period I have eight courses beside the work with the thesis. Luckily, in the last period I will have only two courses meaning that hopefully I can already focus on work (whatever those work will be) in May. In the middle of this busy spring I have something relaxing coming, a trip to Milan after finishing the thesis, at the end of April. 

IMG 0711 2


Timetable of the third period. Combining lectures from five different groups. Mondays are for the thesis, like weekends.

Considering the credits I already have,154 out of 210. The missing credits are from the courses, thesis and practical training from which I haven’t yet applied the credits. At the moment it is truly looking so my graduation day will be 18th June meaning this spring I should also think the future and what to do after achieving the first certificate, BBA. 


Busy week / Kiirettä pitää

Hello everyone!

Even though I don´t have many lecture in school, I have been busy few weeks, actually. I have lectures basically only on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The rest of the time I have been working in different jobs. I am using my free time for doing assignments for the courses and running. I have noticed that running and exercising is the most important thing to do if you want to handle the stress and keep you going.

// Niin kuin aiemmin täällä blogissa jo totesin, ei minulla ole juurikaan luentoja koulussa, mutta silti kiirettä on pitänyt oikeastaan jo muutaman viikon. Luentoja minulla on ainoastaan keskiviikkoisin ja torstaisin. Muun ajan olenkin ollut töissä, muutamissa eri hommissa. Vapaa-aikani onkin sitten mennyt kouluhommien ja urheilun parissa. Tässä alkaa jo huomaamaan, kuinka tärkeää kuntoilu on, jotta jaksaa stressin keskellä.

IMG 0199 1

Going to work at the morning and to running at the evening. :) // Aamulla menossa töihin ja illalla virkistävälle juoksulenkille. :)

IMG 0143 1

Doing the assignment about the management theories. // Kurssin viikkotehtävän tekoa, aiheena johtamisteoriat.

Today we had open doors in Saimaa University of Applied Sciences. Our team’s tasks were, for example, run the info-point where we were also selling the books made by our school, and to organize a quiz about Sweden in the Consulate of Sweden. In the open doors we also had a pop-up farm market, lottery of art, activities for children, and lots of different points where people could get familiar with what we are doing in our school.

// Tänään meillä oli koululla Avoimet ovet-tapahtuma. Promotiimin tehtävänä oli mm.pitää infopistettä, missä myimme myös koulumme tuottamia kirjoja sekä järjestää Ruotsi-visa Ruotsin konsulaatissa. Tapahtumassa oli myös pop-up maatilatori, taidearpajaiset, lapsille suunnattuja aktiviteettejä kuten nalleneuvola sekä paljon muita pisteitä, joilla oli mahdollista tutustua koulumme toimintaan ja mitä kaikkea meillä tehdään.

IMG 0194 1

The info-point from Open doors-event today. // Tältä näytti tänään infopisteemme Avointen ovien tapahtumassa.

IMG 0195 1

Cute mascots of the pop-up farm market. :D // Pop-up maatilatorin suloiset maskotit. :D


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