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Learning foreign languages

Good evening to all!

Being not so motivated student at high school, I had to be constantly controlled and “guided”, as I would have most probably chose rowing training over boring textbooks or preparing for my extra English classes, if left on my own. It is not that my studying results were poor. On the contrary, I had a normal average between four and five on a scale of 1-5, where 5 stands for excellent, so all was not lost for me.

It was a summer before the last year of high school when I had some kind of enlightenment. I suddenly came to realize, that if I don’t come to senses and start studying really hard, all the hopes for entering university (the one that I wanted) shall be abandoned, and so shall the hopes for a bright future. It really set me thinking. One year left to prepare for all the exams – not so long, but better start late than never, right? J

At that time, I didn’t know for sure, whether I would apply to a Finnish University, or not. The final decision, as I very well remember now, was made on one of the evenings in an early August 2014. There was no hesitation on whether to apply to Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, but rather a hesitation on whether to accept the challenge. At that time it was a challenge for me. As you might understand, I did accept it. Looking back on that time, I feel that it was the right decision to take, the life-changing one.

My English teacher was quite surprised when I called her in an early August, asking for English classes to prepare for IELTS. Two months haven’t passed, since I was advocating for suspending English classes for the summertime, and now I am calling her and asking for the opposite. She definitely did not expect such a change in me.

I had one English lesson per week, but a great load of homework to do at home: essay-writing, listening exercises, as well as reading and speaking. I studied about three hours every day for several months, and eventually got my IELTS certificate with an overall band score of 7.0 (8.5 for listening, 7.5 for reading, 5.5 for writing, and 6.5 for speaking). It was my first important milestone one the way to entering Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, but still there was a lot of work ahead.

Looking back at that times, I could say that English language was some kind of a start in my life. It opened the door to Finnish Higher Education, which otherwise would have been unreachable for me. Now that I am student at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, I very well understand the importance of learning languages. Nowadays, knowledge of English is no longer that much of an advantage, but rather a must. I can see that more and more people around me are learning second and even third foreign language, and so can you! Besides field-specific language studies, Saimaa University of Applied Sciences provides elective language studies in Russian, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Finnish, English, and Swedish languages. Moreover, student of Saimaa UAS can enroll in language course at LUT, which makes your selection range even wider. As the degree of international student is very high in Lappeenranta, you can have a lot of speaking practice in almost any language, or participate in an “Each One Teach One” course. In order to strengthen you language knowledge, you can choose a country for an exchange or a practical training, where the studied language is a national one. This will give you an even higher language expertise.

Learning languages is extremely important nowadays, as we live in a multilingual world that is becoming increasingly globalized. Foreign languages can help you progress in career, gain awareness of other culture, as well as get an access to a huge pile of knowledge of other nations. Good that there is every opportunity for studying and practicing foreign languages while studying at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences.

This is all for today.

Have a nice day and see you soonJ

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