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No, no, no, and once again no!Studying in Finland is not mostly about drinking and having a not so sober pastime :D I deny it here openly, as there is such a prejudice among those who haven’t studied in Finland, or those who have failed to diversify their leisure. One of the causes of this misbelief, as I think, is that people are not so well informed. If only people new of the existing alternatives and were aware of the upcoming events, they would not have continued to insist on their point of view. Yes, I admit that booze is a part of students’ culture in Finland, but not more than that of any other country, as I can see from my personal experience.

At your disposal are all the means of pleasant pastime: from the well-equipped sporting facilities to the numerous clubs on interests, student guilds, thematic get-togethers, concerts, and many more to choose from – you just need to search a little bit more carefully.

With an aim to ease your search, I am starting a separate section of blog entries on how to spend your pastime. In the coming blog entries, I will write more specifically about student guilds, university sport facilities and major social events taking place at the university. In this blog today, I would like to tell you about numerous clubs on interests.

If you are a student at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, I would first recommend you to take a closer look at SAIKO, which is a university organization (students union) that works for the benefit of us, students. It arranges various kinds of events and activities to enrich students’ lives. It is an absolute must, I would say, to participate, or at least attend, the annual freshmen race. Beginning of the academic year is slowly approaching, and it means that next freshmen race is not that far away. I will certainly write about it here, as it is a very lively and cheerful student event. You can find more infromation about it from here: https://www.saiko.fi/en/

Saimaa UAS’s students can also join LTKY’s clubs, which is The Student Union of Lappeenranta University of Technology. There are numerous active clubs, which are operating under the union. These clubs can make your free time way more interesting and fun, and new members are more than welcome! Here are some of the clubs that you can join:



More information on the clubs could be found here: http://ltky.fi/clubs/?lang=en

I hope that this blog was of at least some use to you and helped to find something interesting.


This is all for today.


Have a nice evening and see you soon! :)


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