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Student guilds

Hello to all reading this blog! J

Continuing the section of blog entries on active student life in Lappeenranta, I would like to write about a special format of student association, which you have most probably heard about. It is called a “Guild”.

Attached to almost each degree programme on our Campus, is a ‘guild’. They have various social activities and provide a lot of useful benefits.

The main student associations at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences are:

1. LaKOSTE ry - Lappeenrannan korkeakouluopiskelijat sosiaali- ja terveysalalta ry (https://www.facebook.com/LaKOSTE-ry-179922045376138/)

2. LapIO ry - Lappeenrannan Insinööriopiskelijat (http://www.lapio.net/)

3. LapTOp ry - Lappeenrannan Tradenomiopiskelijat ry (https://www.facebook.com/laptopry/)

4. IMAKO - Imatran ammattikorkeakouluopiskelijat ry

These organizations, or guilds, are creating a positive environment on campuses, as students have organizations to belong to. In these communities, students can use their strength and feel empowered, as it is not only about having joyful and fun time, but also lobbying students’ interests and doing something useful, for example, cleaning forest and fields from dry tree branches.

The distinctive feature of the guilds’ members is that they are wearing outfits – colored overalls with various ribbons, symbolizing different events, in which the particular student participated or organized. Each of the guilds consist of a student board that regulates the activities of the organization.

To learn more about the upcoming events and how to get into the guilds, follow the links above.

This is all for today.

Have a nice day and see you soon! J

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