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Good day to all reading this blog!

When you have a very eventful pastime and are involved in various kinds of activities, you don’t notice as the days go by. So didn’t I. I haven’t even noticed as the summer has flown by. Three months have passed in a twinkling of an eye. I never cease to amaze at how fast time goes by, and the recent moments are becoming nothing but memories from the past. Reflecting on it makes me reconsider my attitude to time and use it more effectively, still remembering that life is happening now, and we have to live the very moment.

The summer has passed. On one side, it’s a pity, as the light-hearted and carefree time has gone, and the study year is about to commence, which doesn’t bode well for students all over the world… On the other side, I have successfully completed all the courses at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, and I have my carefree time going on and exchange to Singapore approaching. Sorry to all reading this blog, if it hurts too badly, as you have a whole study year or two ahead :) 

Being honest with you, I have been missing Saimaa UAS and Lappeenranta very badly. Everything here has become somewhat dear and familiar to me: people, pleasant ambiance, beautiful sceneries, food, sports, cozy university campus and many more. Even though I don’t have any classes or any other purpose to go to the university, I was very much willing to come here for no other reasons, than to see my friends, to enjoy the atmosphere, and even attend some of the classes I have already passed! How strong should a student be missing his university that he starts to attend the lectures again! I could not resist the desire, so I planned my way, packed my stuff, and set off to Lappeenranta. Quite long and tiring road, but it’s completely worth it, as you arrive to Lappeenranta and it greets you with a wonderful sunny weather as you can see pictured below.

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I am planning to stay in Lappeenranta for a week or so. There are some interesting and joyfull events and activities taking place during my stay. I will attend those for sure and share it with you here in this blog. So for a deeper dive into the lively student life, follow the updates :)

Have a nice day and see you soon!


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