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Hello from Liverpool

  It's been a while..

There has been a lot of happening since my last post here. I fully enjoyed my summer vacation. Most of the time I spent with my friends and getting ready for the student exchange. I also had time to study and work a little. Two highlights of the summer must be the summer festivals with a good friend of mine and my first hiking experience, which lasted for four days in total.

 IMG 8807  

Enjoying the Finnish nature as its best. This one is from the legendary hiking trail called Karhunkierros in Kuusamo.


IMG 8936

IMG 8999

The art and  the atmosphere in Provinssirock, Seinäjoki.


I had been thinking about going to student exchange since I started studying at Saimia. In February I had confirmed that I was going to Edge Hill University, England, for the autumn semester. There was a lot of paperwork concerning the exchange but after all that I am in Liverpool now. Edge Hill University is located in Ormskirk, which is about 30 minutes from Liverpool by train. Orsmkirk is a small market town but the university brings some life in there. I wanted to live in Liverpool so I could explore the city more and I love it so far. I promise to make a picture post soon!


DSC 08931

 The beautiful main entrance of Edge Hill University


The first week here was about getting to know the places and other international students from all around the world. I had my firs classes yesterday and I am really excited about the near future. I have met some amazing people and discovered so many interesting places to go to so I’m sure the three months here will be unforgettable.

I will give you a closer look about the Erasmus+ exchange, living abroad, studying in the UK and much more. So stay tuned! You can also follow my trip in Instagram at @saimaanamk, #rinttureissaa and #sossuintheuk


Enjoy all the colours of autumn,


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