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Good day to all reading this blog!

It has been pretty long time since the last time I dropped a line here. Quite a lot of things have been happening to me recently, which I am sure you would like to know more if you are interested in what is student life like at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences.

My recent busyness has been mainly related to professional practical training reporting and Singapore exchange preparation, which I will write more detailed about in the coming posts. Those matters, especially the exchange preparation, had to be very seriously attended to. Failure to do so is very likely to result in a major disappointment, as it almost happened to me. Having the best intentions, I do not want you to end up in a situation where your exchange is under a threat or becoming more complicated and costly, so I would like to share several pieces of advice in one of the next blog entries on exchange preparation.

Fortunately, everything related to exchange preparation has turned out as well as possible, and I am now off for my exchange at Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore. I have been in Singapore for almost two weeks now. What I know for sure so far - is that my exchange is going to linger long in memory.

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Now that I have more free time, I will do my best to blog here with an unfailing regularity, as I have many things to share with you.

Warmest regards from Singapore,


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