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Professional practical training - summarizing the experience.

Good day to all!

In this particular blog today I would like to tell more about my professional practical training which I had during my last summer in 2016. The place for a practical training was a company named “Rigla” Ltd. I had my training in its headquarter in Moscow. The company was established in 2001. It is one of the biggest pharmacy chains in Russia with approximately 1700 drug stores in 47 regions as of 31.03.2016. It employs roughly 5000 workers, which are engaged in top management, sales, R&D, finance, marketing, graphic design, procurement, technical supply, warehouse management and many other fields. I was working there as a Network Development Manager.

During the given practical training I have performed quite a wide range of tasks. First things first, I got to know my co-workers, internship coordinator, company’s basic business operations, as well as familiarized myself with the functional department. It didn’t turn out complicated for me, as I was kindly guided and explained all the interconnections and main functions. For a second I was amazed at how numerous structural departments work finely with each other, as do gears in a gearbox.

After that I had to familiarize myself with major regulatory documents and company’s document automation system. Thanks to the following courses taken at Saimaa UAS: IT Tools, Enterprise Resource Planning and International Law and Contracts courses, it did not take me long to understand the software and the documents. Having mastered it to a moderate level, I proceeded to working with it. I had to draw up new documents and contracts, as well sort the existing ones by folders. The reality is that almost every big company has some kind of document automation system, so learning how to work with it was a very useful skill to gain. Next important task was to prepare rent agreement document packages and to check their completeness and order for submission to the relevant authorities. If any documents were missing, I had to contact lessor/sublessor and request the missing document to complement the package. It was very useful to learn basic regulatory documents and get a deeper knowledge of rent/subrent agreements. Besides that, I had to deal with correspondenceon the whole duration of the professional practical training: contacting lessors and sublessors on various matters from missing documentation, necessary repairs, outdoor advertisement, sending proposals, negotiating rental terms, asking for rent payments reduction etc. Dealing with business correspondence, communicating and negotiating were one of the most important skills that I trained during the practical training. Not least interesting and useful was getting acquainted to the feasibility study, which is conducted on each potential pharmacy location. It was really interesting to understand how all the Excel functions work and all the variables are connected to each other. Business mathematics and IT tools courses taken at Saimaaonce again proved to be very helpful. As another task, I was calculating penalties and informing debtors on the existence of unsettled payments. Adding to this, I was composing and filling in numerous payment receipts, which was some kind of a routine, but did give me good knowledge of payment receipt structure and content. Besides this, I was looking for new attractive locations to open a pharmacy, making contacts, photographing locations, counting traffic and collecting many other valuable information for the feasibility study.

As for a practice coordinator, I was once again blessed with a great one. During my practical training at “Rigla” Ltd., I received all the needed guidance, tutorial and all the relevant information on the company, work, as well as full access to numerous office facilities.Working environment was friendly and occupational safety was on a high level.

In my personal opinion, the given practical training was of great use for me. Diversity of the tasks performed has ensured noticeable broadness of the experience received. For the three months I have been working in the company, I have improved many valuable skills and gained new knowledge. I have acquainted myself with document automation system and learned many new business terms in Russian language. I have been working with great loads of business correspondence and took part in negotiation process. I dealt with rent agreements and even composed some of them myself. It gave me a deeper knowledge in legislation and contract matters. Not less valuable experience from the practical training was getting to know to the company’s feasibility studies. I was learning the main structural parts of it, sorting out formulas and interconnections of different variables. When the theoretical part of it was finished, I had an opportunity to practice it in reality. It has considerably enhanced by proficiency and structured my knowledge in this sphere.

Thanks to my wonderful practice coordinator, my labor input was exploited cleverly and considerably. My tasks were mainly interesting, non-routine, useful and practically applicable. If talking from the point of view of the practical training, the internship at “Rigla” Ltd. was a very good place. Its location is just perfect, as it helped to apply my previously received knowledge on practice and also helped to gain new knowledge and skills.

I would do a comparison between what I have learned in the UAS and what I have learned during the practical training. What I would like to say is that theoretical knowledge received at Saimaa UAS was very useful during the practical training. I worked with the contracts discussed at the course of International Business Law and Contracts. I used my IT skills received from the course of Basic IT Tools and IT Tools for Business in real business. I practiced writing business emails and worked with correspondence – the skills taught at the course of Business Correspondence, Communication at Work and Academic Writing. An important point to make is that the practical training has widened my knowledge in all the business spheres engaged. My attitudes haven’t changed significantly after doing the practical training.

As a short conclusion, I would say that the practical training has brought a very valuable and applicable experience, as well as gave an opportunity to use my previously gained knowledge.

This is all for today.

Have a nice day and see you soon J

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