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LUT Entrepreneurship Society

Hello everyone!

In this blog today I would like to introduce you another local society in Lappeenranta - LUT Entrepreneurship Society. No matter what major you have, or what degree you are pursuing - it would most probably be interesting to you.

LUTES is a student-driven entrepreneurship society based in Lappeenranta. Founded in 2010, it aims to help students learn about startup culture, as well as gives an opportunity to experience it first-hand. LUTES does not only introduce to entrepreneurship, but also facilitates in bringing students’ ideas to business. Its primary mission is to drive student entrepreneurship on a regional level. Together with other entrepreneurship societies and country level startup initiatives LUT Entrepreneurship Society aims at building a strong startup eco-system in Finland.

It organizes many events for students from both Lappeenranta University of Technology and Saimaa University of Applied Sciences. Among some of them are Mini Bootcamps, each having its own business topic -  for instance, “how to find a business idea”. At these events you will have an opportunity to network with like-minded, meet new people, make friends, find a business partner, brainstorm on business ideas, as well as receive coaching from the more experience ones. Besides that, in cooperation with StartupMill, LUTES organizes Willi Idea competition, which is a grand affair for people in South Karelia. The event is seeking for new business ideas with great potential and international orientation, which can be implemented in South Karelia region. Participation is open to all everyone – both private individuals and business enterprises from South Karelia. If you have a business idea that you believe in, this event is a must for you. Not least interesting and useful event from LUTES is Summer Launchpad. It is a 10-week startup program taking place in Lappeenranta during the summer. The aim of the program is to provide 10 teams with the richest possible experience that will help them in developing their idea and starting their own business. Besides these events, LUTES is often visiting entrepreneurship events, seminars, as well as invites popular guest speakers!

If you would like to stay tuned on what is on, and know more about the upcoming events, follow updates on the LUT Entrepreneurship Society Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/LUT.Entrepreneurship.Society/ Events are always exciting and interesting, so you would not want to miss them - they educate about startup culture, entrepreneurship and creativity, as well as create an enjoyable pastime in a company of like-minded people. All events and LUTES membership are free and open for everyone.

This is all for today.

Have a great day and see you soonJ

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