The Saimaa University of Applied Sciences offers education in English in the following degree programmes: Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology, International Business, Nursing and Tourism and Hospitality Management. You can enjoy a high-level of education and open atmosphere between students and lecturers here.

The Saimaa University of Applied Sciences is an institute of higher education in south-east Finland.The Skinnarila campus in Lappeenranta is located next to the Lappeenranta University of Technology. These two universities constitute a multidisciplinary community of nearly 8 000 students. The Skinnarila campus offers students brand new modern learning and laboratory facilities as well as excellent chances to meet students from various fields.

The Saimaa University of Applied Sciences has about 3 000 students, 300 of them being international degree students. The atmosphere between our students and lecturers is open and interactive. International groups have their own tutors who offer help in various matters, such as living and studying in Finland.

Lappeenranta is situated close to the Russian border and by Lake Saimaa, the largest lake in Finland. Lappeenranta has 72 000 inhabitants. You can live close to nature and enjoy snowy winters and warm summers.

Four degree programmes in English

We offer Bachelor´s degrees in five different fields: Technology, Health Care and Social Services, Business Administration, Tourism and Hospitality and Fine Arts. In four degree programmes, all education and studying is conducted in the English language:

  • Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology
  • International Business
  • Nursing
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management.

You can apply for these programmes through a system of joint application during 9 January - 23 January 2019. The programmes start in August 2019. The degrees are accepted in all EU countries, and they are also valued outside Europe.

This guide gives you more information about studies and helps you in your application procedure. In addition, some of our international degree students will share their own experiences in studying and living in Finland. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Good luck on the application!

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