Applications for the programmes are submitted online through the joint application system An applicant can choose up to six application options of the Finnish universities of applied sciences and universities. The student admissions follow the admission criteria established by the UAS in the joint application system, and the order of preference chosen by the applicant. The online application form must be submitted by the end of the application period. The admission is conditional until the UAS has checked the applicant’s school and other relevant certificates. The UAS may withdraw the admission, if the applicant has given false information.

Application period

Apply online at It is important to follow all the instructions.

The application period starts on 9 January 2019 and closes on 23 January 2019 at 3 p.m. Finnish time (+2 hrs GMT).

All online applications must be submitted before the closing time.

All required attachments have to be at the Admissions Office of the applicant’s first choice UAS by 30 January 2019 at 3 p.m. Finnish time.

Please contact the Admissions Office of the UAS of your first choice in all matters relating to your application and to changes in your circumstances.

Eligibility for applying to the programmes

General eligibility for the programmes is given by:

  • completed Finnish upper secondary education or the Finnish Matriculation Examination.
  • International Baccalaureate, Reifeprüfung or European Baccalaureate examination.
  • vocational qualifications of three years or more in duration

  • an upper secondary vocational qualification, a further or specialist vocational qualification as a competence-based qualification or a comparable previous qualification
  • a foreign degree or qualification which gives eligibility for higher education in the country in question

A higher education degree does not confer eligibility unless otherwise specified in the admissions criteria of the programme in question. For some programmes, universities of applied sciences may require a specific qualification or other evidence.

The qualification used in the joint application must be completed such that the copy of the certificate will arrive at the relevant UAS by 8 July 2019 at 3 p.m. at the latest. This also applies to any qualifications completed by EU/EEA citizens as well as to international matriculation examinations (IB, EB, RP).

What if you don't have the final high school graduation certificate yet:

If you'll graduate from high school just in June/July 2019, you must upload to your application at by 30 January 2019:

  • a current transcript of records and
  • a statement of the estimated gradudation date given by your school

If you have already graduated from the high school, but have a temporary diploma/certificate, you must upload a copy of it to your application at by 30 January 2018.

These documents must be given by your school. If the document is not in English originally, it must be translated.  

If an UAS uses discretionary admission, other applicants may also be admitted, if the UAS considers their skills and knowledge sufficient including language skills.

Applicants of Health Care and Social Services

Those applying to study in the field of Health Care and Social Services must have a sufficient good health status and functional capacity to be capable of completing practical assignments and work placement periods as part of the studies. Information about health requirements in this field is available on UAS websites and on the ( service.

 Those applying to the field should bear in mind that: 

    • studying and working in a profession of this field require good mental balance;  
    • the field is not suitable for illegal drug users or for alcohol or legal drug abusers; 
    • conditions such as musculoskeletal diseases, chronic skin diseases, allergies and mental health disorders may lead to health issues during studies or later on in working life;  
    • a blood-borne disease may restrict the progress of studies and employment; 
    • several operational units of social and health care treat patients that are exposed to infections, and work in those units requires that the staff’s immunisation is in order.

Applicants are required to provide information concerning their health status and functional capacity as required to assess admission at the request of the university of applied sciences concerned, as well as information on any possible prior decision on cancellation of their study entitlement.

Students are required to produce an extract from criminal records at the request of the university of applied sciences if working with minors forms an essential part of the tasks assigned to them during their studies or work placement periods that are part of their studies.

Universities of applied sciences are entitled to require a student to produce a certificate of a drugs test if there is any reason to suspect that the student is under the influence of drugs during practical assignments or during a work placement that is part of their studies, or that the student is addicted to drugs.

A university of applied sciences may cancel admission for the following reasons:

    • an applicant fails to submit certificates by the deadline specified by the university of applied sciences
    • an applicant has provided false information about his or her grades
    • an applicant admitted to the Degree Programme in Biomedical Laboratory Science cannot be considered fit for the programme on the basis of a certificate of visual acuity
    • it is obvious that the student, in terms of his or her health status and functional capacity, does not meet the admissions criteria (Polytechnics Act 932/2014)
    • an applicant has concealed the cancellation of his or her prior study entitlement (Polytechnics Act 932/2014). 


If the applicant is a refugee or in a refugee-like situation and the qualifications obtained cannot be proven through documentary evidence, the UAS can consider whether the applicant can be invited to the entrance examination. The applicant must submit a copy of a decision concerning his/her status (decision on asylym or residence permit on the basis of protection) made by the authorities to the Admissions Office by 30 January 2019 at the latest.

In order to declare his or her status, an asylum seeker who has not yet been granted a decision may verify his or her status by presenting an identity card with his or her photograph granted by Migri and, when required by the degree programme, a fee-based (€20) pending application by Migri that states that the applicant is permitted to legally reside in Finland during the time when his or her case is being processed, i.e. until a lawful decision has been made on the case.


Discretionary admission

The Saimaa University of Applied Sciences uses discretionary admission for all Bachelor's degree programmes conducted in English. This means that also other applicants may be admitted, if the Saimaa UAS considers their skills and knowledge sufficient. In discretionary admission the applicant is evaluated based only on the results of the entrance examination. When applying for discretionary admission, please contact the admissions offices of all your UAS preferences and ask about the procedure.  The procedure can be different in other universities of applied sciences.

If you are no completely eligible, please contact the admissions office and ask about criteria for the discretionary admission.

An applicant, who wants to apply via the discretionary admission to the degree programmes of Saimaa UAS :

  1. fills in the application at
  2. fills in the form Discretionary admission_application
  3. sends the form and the copies of relevant certificates to the admissions office of Saimaa UAS by 30 January 2019 at 3 p.m. Finnish time.

Please notice that for the Degree Programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management the applicant must be eighteen years old or at least turn 18 years old by the end of the year 2019.