Degree: Bachelor of Nursing, Registered Nurse
Degree title in Finnish: Sairaanhoitaja (AMK)
The Duration and extent of studies is 3.5 years, 210 credits.

Study objectives

The Saimaa University of Applied Sciences is an active partner in local social- and health care organisations. The programme trains professional nurses (BA) who are able to plan, implement and develop nursing practices in a multi-professional health care team.

Nurses are trained to promote health and prevent diseases, and provide care, support, guidance and rehabilitation. The graduates of the programme can operate flexibly in multi-professional and multi-cultural settings, while promoting health and providing hospice care to individuals, families and communities. The practical part of the education takes place in varying and multi-disciplinary areas of health care.

Nursing studies are based on a personal study plan which allows students to build their own career paths. Our modern health care labs and simulation environment enable developing skills, knowledge and decision-making abilities together with lecturers, experts and fellow multi-cultural students. We also utilise an online learning environment. E-learning possibilities make the studies flexible. Good contacts with different partners both within and beyond the university are integral to our programme.

The nursing programme offers the opportunity to meet people from around the world, learn about different cultures and study to become a competent nurse. All students are encouraged to take part in exchange programmes to deepen their global and intercultural competencies. Our wide international network offers both students and teachers the opportunity for exchange and other forms of co-operation.

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Study contents

The studies are based on nursing sciences as well as on other supporting scientific fields, such as medical, natural or social sciences.

Structure of studies

The first year of studies focuses on the basics of nursing, social and health care environments, customer relations, wellbeing, health promotion and functional ability.

During the second and third years, the studies consist of different nursing areas based on theoretical and clinical nursing competences. This advances clinical decision-making, guidance and counselling skills, evidence-based practice, as well as quality assurance and patient safety issues.

During the final years of the studies, students also strengthen their knowledge in leadership, management and entrepreneurship, and deepened their ethical and professional competences.

During the last year, students are able to deepen their professional competence in a chosen area of nursing. We offer advaced studies for example in nursing in an ICU, the assessment of care at home, modern nursing at home, operative nursing,  health care of clients with substance abuse problems, clinical skills and interacting with the patient.

The Bachelor's thesis deals with issues in the working world and is part of the research, development and innovation part of the degree programme.

Approximately a third of the studies are completed as practical training in various health care settings. Practical training can be implemented in the private and public sectors, in projects or in the institution's own simulation environment. Practical training may also be carried out abroad as an exchange student. The student plans the exchange period with the teacher tutor.

Finnish language skills are essential during practical training in Finland. Non-native speakers are therefore required to learn Finnish during their studies to be able to complete their practical training.


During the studies, students have the opportunity to take part in various exchange programmes (Erasmus, NordPlus, etc.)

Co-operation with other parties

Saimaa University of Applied Sciensiec works closely with local health care services in both the public and private sectors.

Registered nurses work as active members of multiprofessional teams that may include doctors, social workers, paramedics and other experts in the field.

Career opportunities

Graduates from this programme may work as registered nurses in hospitals and home care and as other of experts in social services and health care in Finland, Europe or around the world. Registered nurses can also work as private entrepreneurs.

The degree of Bachelor of Health Care is awarded upon the completion of the degree and its requirements.

In accordance with the Act on Health Care Professionals (559/1994), the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira) grants, upon application, the right to practice as a licensed nurse and authorises the use of the occupational title of registered nurse.

The education meets the requirements of the European Union directive 2013/55/EU amending the directive on the recognition of professional qualifications.

Postgraduate study opportunities

The university of applied sciences offers various opportunities for lifelong learning, including Master's studies, specialisation studies, higher education diplomas, and an extensive range of courses offered through open university of applied sciences instruction and continuing education.

After graduation and at least three years' professional experience, students can continue their studies in a Master's programme. A Master's degree from a university of applied sciences is a higher post-secondary degree. Completing a Master´s degree at a university of applied sciences enables applying to doctoral studies in universities.

You can also develop additional competences in continuing education programmes, which can be completed alongside full-time work.

If you are considering a career in teaching, you can apply for admission to the teacher education college.

Research focus

The standing point of the RDI at the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences is to create new lucrative solutions both to everyday life and business.

We believe that only genuine needs can generate real innovations. We want to be pioneers and remember the key role of the human being (a customer and a user) in the development.

Tuition fee

Non-EU/EEA students are subject to tuition fees. The annual tuition fee for students in Bachelor´s degree programmes is 5 400 e/year. Applying for the 50 % scholarship is possible after the first academic year. To be able to use the given option, you must be able to study full time during the first academic year - meaning, that you must complete a minimum of 55 ECTS credits of studies that are included in your personal study plan. For more information please see:

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