Several UAS arrange entrance examinations. All applicants who have demonstrated their eligibility  will receive invitation letters to the examinations.

Many UAS cooperate in the entrance examinations. This means that an entrance examination completed at one UAS is accepted by another. Please note that some UAS require that you participate in their own entrance examination. The list for co-operating degree programmes will be available during the application period.

Prior to the trip to take the entrance examination In Finland, the applicant must check if he/she needs a visa. For more information on the visa requirements contact the nearest Finnish or other EU-member state Embassy representing Finland in visa matters well in advance. Please note that processing of a visa application may require a couple of weeks.

Please note, that the UAS cannot and will not in any case influence the decisions made by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland in regard to visas.

The results will be announced  by 28 June 2019. Make sure that you confirm your study place by 8 July 2019 at the latest; otherwise you will lose the study place offered to you.

The admission of a student is conditional until the UAS has checked the applicant’s school and other relevant certificates. The UAS may withdraw the admission, if the applicant has given false information.

Selection between Applicants with Equal Admission Points

In cases of equal admission scores, UAS applicants will be ranked on the following grounds:

1.   points awarded for the entrance examination (selection method 1) or SAT -test (selection method 5)

2.   the preferred programme ranking on the application form.

3.  admission of more students


One study place per year

You can only accept one study place at a higher education institution in Finland starting in the same academic term (1 August – 31 December or 1 January – 31 July). This rule applies to all higher education. This rule does not prevent you from accepting another study place during another academic term. See more information about the one-place-per-student provision.

If you are not selected

If you do not receive a study place in the joint application, you will receive a letter in the beginning of July 2019 informing you of your points and the possible reserve places for the options to which you have applied. Applicants allocated to reserve places are chosen according to the level of their results, should study places become available. Find out about your possibilities by directly contacting the institutes of higher education.

You can always apply again next year and it is worth contacting the Admissions Offices or employment offices in order to plan how to improve your chances for admission.


An applicant not satisfied with the results of the student selection process should first contact the UAS he/she has applied to. If the matter is not resolved, the student may appeal in writing to the executive board of the UAS in question. Such an appeal must be made within 14 days from the time the applicant had the possibility of receiving information on student selection.

Registers used in the joint application

All the information related to every applicant’s application is entered into the UAS joint application register and student selection register. The National Board of Education acts as registrar. Further information on the registers can be found at

Audit certificate

The Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council (FINHEEC) has decided that the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences meets the criteria set for quality assurance systems and the quality assurance of higher education institutions’ basic mission.