Degree Programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Student selection

Applicants are selected using two different selection methods:

75% of the study places
Entrance examination: 70 points (min. 25 points)

SELECTION METHOD 5: SAT TEST, 25% of the study places

You must attain at least:
1. Evidence-based reading and writing:
      Reading test, 500
      Writing and Language Test 500
2. Math 500

Applicants are accepted in order of best points. There are a limited number of places available.

Only the new version of SAT test (completed after March 2016) is accepted. An official SAT score report must be ordered straight from the test organiser.
Those, who have already completed an SAT test, must request a test result from the test organiser to be delivered to universities of applied sciences.  Reports printed or sent by the applicant themselves cannot be accepted.

The results of the SAT test must be delivered to all those universities of applied sciences that use the admission criteria in question by 10 April 2019.
The SAT code of Saimaa UAS is 7191.

The students are selected first with selection method 5, then with selection method 1.

Queue 1:
25% study places
Applicants who have completed the Finnish matriculation examination, IB examination, the Reifeprüfung examination or the European Baccalaureate examination of European schools, the upper secondary vocational qualification, the further vocational qualification or the specialist vocational qualification conducted in Finland are admitted in this group.

Queue 2: 75% study places
Applicants who have foreign education that provides eligibility to apply for higher education in the country in question.

In cases of equal admissions points, applicants will be ranked on the following grounds:

Selection method 1: Entrance examination
1. entrance examination points
2. applican'ts first choice programme on the application form
3. admission of more students

Selection method 5: SAT -test
1. SAT -test points
2. applican'ts first choice programme on the application form
3. admission of more students

Entrance examination Thursday 4 April 2019

All eligible applicants will be invited to sit a UAS entrance examination. The common section of the national entrance examination in the Tourism, Catering and Domestic Services field will be held on Thursday, 4 April 2019 in Lappeenranta, FInland.

The entrance examination places emphasis on aptitude for studying the field, motivation, English language and mathematical/logical thinking. Applicants must pass each section of the examination. THe applicants must score at least 25 points in the entrance examination, including at least

  • 11 points for the motivation section (max. 30 pts.),
  • 7 points for the essay/article section (max. 20 pts.), and
  • 7 points for the mathematical/logical section (max. 20 pts.).

The examination result is valid for the duration of the application period in question.

Universities of applied sciences engaging in admissions co-operation will accept an entrance examination taken at another university of applied sciences as such. The universities of applied sciences engaged in admissions co-operation can be found here:

The entrance examinations outside Finland will be organized in co-operation with FINNIPS network
The applicant can choose the country, in which he/she wants to complete the entrance examination. Some of the countries have two cities, so you can choose the city after receiving the invitation by email in March.

The entrance examinations will be held between 19 and 23 March 2019. Entrance examination countries 2019 (please note that changes may occur):

Country City             Exam dates
Brazil São Paulo  20.-21.3.2019
China Shanghai  19.-20.3.2019
  Wuhan 23.-24.3.2019
Germany Heilbronn  20.-21.3.2019
Great Britain London  19.-20.3.2019
Hungary Budapest  20.-21.3.2019
India Delhi  19.-21.3.2019
Kazakhstan Astana  18.-19.3.2019
Kenya Nairobi  20.-22.3.2019
Russia Moscow 20.-21.3.2019
  St. Petersburg 20.-21.3.2019
USA Chicago 23.-24.3.2019
Vietnam Hanoi 25.-26.3.2019
  Ho Chi Minh City 21.-22.3.2019

Pre-reading material

 INFO: The pre-reading material for the entrance examination

The applicants must study the material carefully before the entrance exam. It is not allowed to take the material to the actual exam, and the material is not available during the exam.