Do you want to face new challenges and move ahead in your career? Are you interested in specialist or management positions in your field?

Master’s Degree is a professional university degree based on the requirements of the world of work. Students develop their skills and knowledge needed to work professionally and advance in their careers. The degree provides a strong theory base and prepares for specialist positions in the chosen field.

Master’s Degree is aimed at persons who have completed an applicable Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent higher education degree, and who have at least three years of professional work experience in the field. The scope of the Master’s Degree programme is 90 credits. The core part of the degree is a thesis, which is a professionally based, practical development project.

International Business Management

International Business Management degree programme focuses on high-level know-how in international business, marketing and leadership skills, and programme also include some Russian business courses. The curriculum is workplace-oriented .

The aim is that graduates will be able to start up and manage processes focusing on international business and marketing, they know how to apply the principles of project management and develop a company’s strategic planning and implementation, and they are familiar with the special characteristics of business with Russia.