To be eligible to apply applicant should have a suitable Bachelors' degree in the field of business. In case the Bachelor's degree is from some other field, the applicant should have as minimum 40 ECTS credits business studies.

At least 3 years of relevant work experience after Bachelor degree is also required. 

Required attachments

Degree and employment certificates

In order to prove their eligibility to apply, anyone applying with a non-Finnish degree must submit a copy of the certificate used as the basis for application and its Finnish, Swedish or English translation supplied by an official (authorised) translator. The certificates must be uploaded to the application at www.studyinfo.fi by 10 April 2019 3 p.m. Finnish time

Work experience must be verified with an employment certificate provided by the employer. An employment certificate must indicate details such as the exact start and end dates of employment, the employer's contact information, work duties, as well as working hours for part-time work. If the employment is still ongoing, the applicant should request a temporary employment certificate from the employer.

Original degree and employment certificates will be checked for those admitted as students.

Preliminary assingment

All applicants have to submit a preliminary assignment. The preliminary assignment will be published in March 2019. Upload your preliminary assignment to your application at www.studyinfo.fi by 10 April 2019 3 p.m. Finnish time

Student selection and Entrance examination

All applicants who have submitted a preliminary assignment will be invited to the entrance examination. The preliminary assignment will be published in March 2019. 

Entrance examination will be organized 24 May 2019 in Lappeenranta, Finland. It includes a written part and an interview. The applicant should reserve the whole day for the entrance examination.

Applicants will be assessed on the content of the answers and the quality of the oral and written skills in the English language. There is no required pre-reading material for the examination. The invitation letter sent to eligible applicants includes more exam information.

An entrance examination consists of the following sections:

Preliminary assignment

20 points, min. 10 points

Entrance examination, written exam

40 points, min. 20 points

Entrance examination, interview

40 points, min. 20 points


100 points, min. 50 points

Applicants need to achieve min. 50 points in the entrance examination and all parts of the entrance examination need to be completed.

Language skills will be evaluated as a part of the entrance exam on pass/fail basis. Applicant who fails the language test part of the exam is disqualified from admission.