For LAB students at Lappeenranta Campus

Work and studies conducted remotely as of Monday 16 March 2020

As of Monday 16 March 2020, students will study remotely until further notice. Employees will work remotely if their duties allow.

The campuses will not be closed, and staff members and students may set foot in the facilities as before. By reducing the number of people on campus, we will be able to slow down the spreading of the coronavirus in our country.

If you have questions regarding the arrangement of studies at LUT University, please contact Vice Rector Jaana Sandström. Studies at the LAB University of Applied Sciences involve certain special circumstances, and Rector Turo Kilpeläinen will provide further instructions. We will aim to secure the progress of studies despite these remote work arrangements.

All employees are obligated to discuss their own remote work arrangements with their supervisor. The critical operations of the university and university of applied sciences will be carried out normally.

Arranging events and visits

For the time being, LUT and LAB will cancel all planned events open to the public and will not arrange new ones. Meetings with individual guests will be held remotely.

We also require that LUT and LAB employees not attend external events and seminars beyond our campuses in person – remote attendance is encouraged. In unclear cases, please contact your supervisor.

Recommendations for high-risk groups

If you as an employee are part of a high-risk group (older adults and people with chronic medical conditions) and your work requires your presence on campus, discuss your situation with your supervisor.

For students at risk, we recommend remote studies whenever possible. In addition to remote studies available to everyone, we are unable to make special substituting arrangements for high-risk students. To discuss the details of your course arrangements and assessment options, please contact your teacher.

Recreational activities on campus

Due to the elevated risk of infection, all recreational activities on the LUT and LAB campuses will be suspended. These activities include e.g. the MOVEO sports services and Happiness through Health events. In addition, the gyms and other sports facilities will be closed.

These measures will help to slow down the spread of the coronavirus in accordance with government recommendations.


The coronavirus outbreak situation in Finland and our operating areas changes daily. Please follow the updates posted on our intranet (, e-mailed to you, and released by government authorities.

We are monitoring the situation actively and will update our coronavirus instructions daily. Our aim is for studies and work to continue as normally as possible while doing our part to slow down the spread of the coronavirus in accordance with government guidelines.