For LAB students at Lappeenranta Campus

Updated 23 April 2020 at 16.50 an 13 May 2020, replaces the corresponding content earlier published in this article.
Q&A will be updated whenever necessary as the situation changes.


Studies will continue remotely until the end of the spring semester​

LUT University and the LAB University of Applied Sciences will continue teaching remotely until the end of the spring semester. All of this spring's exams and courses will take place remotely.

The LUT Summer School will be cancelled this year. However, LUT and LAB have increased the range of other studies available during the summer. Students will have access to a wide range of lectures, literature and online exams and online courses. Students may also complete final theses and project assignments for their degrees.

More about LUT's online studies.

More about LAB's online studies.

Also other universities offer open university instruction free of charge to degree students of other institutions. is the digital student portal of Finnish universities of applied sciences. You can select courses from another institution free of charge and include them in your degree:


1. Classes will be taught remotely. What does it mean?
All lectures and other teaching events that can be arranged online will be arranged online. Campuses are closed in terms of teaching activities. Exams, laboratory tutorials and other teaching events requiring attendance may, however, be held on campus, if the activity is essential for graduation. The decision concerning activities taking place on campus, are made by the vice-rector for teaching, based on proposals by the degree manager (LAB) or the head of the degree programme (LUT) Teaching events that may be held on campus either take place in small groups (max. 10 persons) or one on one.

2. How long will these exceptional arrangements be in place?
The arrangements will be in place until 13 May 2020. LUT and LAB will monitor the development of the situation and the recommendations of health care professionals.

3. Can the campus premises be entered?
The doors to the campuses are locked starting from Wednesday 18 March 2020. Students may not enter the campus premises. Exceptions can be made for exams or other teaching events for small groups (max. 10 persons) if the activity is essential for graduation. Instructions regarding such events will be provided separately. Participants will also be told which entrance to use, and a staff member will pick them up.

Staff members can enter the premises with individual badges/electronic keys, but working remotely is continued to the extent that the duties allow. Do not let anyone else in unless they are authorised to access the campus.

4. I am completing open university Highway Studies, and I need to complete a certain number of credits to secure my place in a degree programme after them. How can I complete the credits if courses are not arranged?
Even though students now study mainly remotely, courses can still be completed according to the planned schedule. If the situation changes in a way that makes the completion of courses impossible, the requirements will be re-evaluated.

5. I am studying at LUT/LAB and need to pay a tuition fee. I need a certain number of credits to obtain my scholarship. How can I attain my credits if courses cannot be arranged?
Even though students now mainly study remotely, courses can still be completed according to the planned schedule. If the situation changes in a way that makes the completion of courses impossible, the requirements will be re-evaluated.

6. Will exams be arranged as planned?
Exams taking place on campuses are cancelled. Under exceptional circumstances (when exams are essential for graduation or further studies) exams can be arranged. The decision on special arrangements is made by the vice-rector for teaching, based on proposals by the degree manager (LAB) or the head of the degree programme (LUT).

7. Are the Exam facilities in use?
Updated 1 June:
The Exam facilities for online exams will be open on both campuses as of 27 July in compliance with instructions by authorities. The Exam facilities in Lappeenranta and on Niemenkatu in Lahti will be available for use in July.

8. I am a high-risk student or do not otherwise wish to risk contracting the coronavirus and do not want to take an exam. Will there be other chances to take it?

We will provide other chances to take exams if the situation requires. The need for exam sessions will be assessed on the whole as the situation becomes more stable.

9. I am an intern/in work placement. Can I continue my internship/placement?
Follow your internship employer’s guidelines regarding the coronavirus outbreak. Your internship supervisor will be able to advise you. Internships and work placements of LUT/LAB students may continue depending on the guidelines of the employer and your own health.

10. I was supposed to start my internship/work placement, but my employer cancelled it due to the coronavirus.
We respect the employer’s decision. If possible, the internship/work placement may be rescheduled or extended. Internships/work placements may partly be carried through substituting assignments, if possible (the student’s first internship/work placement).

11. My course requires attendance on campus. How should such courses be arranged?
We recommend that teachers find alternative ways to complete courses or teach them online (e.g. students give presentations online instead of in person). If you are planning changes to your teaching approaches, discuss them with your degree manager (LAB) or the head of your degree programme (LUT) before releasing the new plan to your students.

12. If I feel sick or have a cold, may I still continue my internship/work placement?
Do not go to work if you are sick. Remember to let your internship/work placement supervisor know that you are staying home because you are sick.

13. A student wants to study remotely in another city in Finland or abroad.

This is not a problem as long as the courses do not require attendance on campus (laboratory, exam, etc.). If the course includes an assignment that requires attendance, we cannot guarantee that the student will receive a passing grade.

14. Students will mainly study remotely. This is a great burden on our information systems and may cause problems. Has this been taken into consideration?
We have anticipated that the load of our remote work tools will multiply and may reflect on usability. IT support will focus its efforts on solving problems related to remote work and teaching. The challenge related to capacity is national and in some cases Europe-wide. The need for capacity will increase significantly throughout Europe. Therefore, we ask patience from students as well as teachers.

15. May I skip classes that require attendance?
We are cancelling attendance requirements in education. We are increasing flexible modes of completing courses.

16. Where can I find information on cancelled classes or changes to modes of teaching (e.g. contact teaching replaced by remote studies)?
Information on all changes will be posted in the course’s Moodle environment. Follow Moodle.

17. What happens if classes are cancelled?
If an individual course or lecture is cancelled, we will aim to find other ways to provide instruction. We will monitor the situation and aim to avoid unnecessary delays in studies if classes need to be cancelled.

18. Are libraries and other shared study areas open as usual?
The campuses and libraries are closed.

19. May I come to the campus premises for an appointment with my supervisor (e.g. assignment/thesis supervisor or study guidance)?Students may not enter the campus premises. Supervisors of studies and study guidance staff will provide assistance remotely. Also teachers will provide study guidance remotely. 

20. Am I allowed to travel abroad?

Travel abroad should be avoided for the time being, as recommended by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The Ministry of the Interior will issue more detailed instructions on gradually resuming cross-border travel. We also recommend avoiding work and study related travel within Finland.

21. The public examination of my dissertation will take place soon, but my opponent will not be able to travel to the event. What should I do?A video conference may be set up with the opponent, or the public examination may be postponed to a later date.