For LAB students at Lappeenranta Campus

The Student Union of Saimaa University of Applied Sciences (SAIKO)

The Student Union of Saimaa University of Applied Sciences (SAIKO) is the organisation in the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences that works for the benefit of the schools students. Our job is to improve and supervise the students interests especially in the educational and social political matters. SAIKO is also the connection between students and other interest groups ( i.e. LapIo and our school Saimia). SAIKO aims to develope the content of studying and education.

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Tutors are responsible for introducing new students to the UAS and the surrounding community, studies and recreational activities. Tutors are senior students who receive one credit per year for their active participation in tutoring. Tutors co-operate with student counsellors and teachers.

Student Associations

  • LaKOSTE ry - Lappeenrannan korkeakouluopiskelijat sosiaali- ja terveysalalta ry
  • LapIO ry - Lappeenrannan Insin√∂√∂riopiskelijat
  • LapTOp ry - Lappeenrannan Tradenomiopiskelijat ry
  • IMAKO - Imatran ammattikorkeakouluopiskelijat ry