The degree plans include elective studies where the students may choose courses from other study plans or schools. The University of Applied Sciences (UAS) may also arrange elective studies in general, or in the schools of study.

Elective studies that are taken from other than this university of applied sciences must be of at least the same educational level, and must be graded or evaluated in credits. It is possible that work done in accordance with the goals of the study plan may be counted as polytechnic level elective studies at the discretion of the dean.

Elective studies should be approved by the dean or authorised study programme director whenever possible prior to the beginning of study.

Usually students choose some of the compulsory studies belonging to another degree programme or specialisation as their electives.

Elective courses are carried out if there are sufficient numbers of student applicants to the course.

More information about elective studies is available from the student offices of the unit arranging the course, or from SoleOps

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