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The Open Studies of Applied Sciences offers everyone regardless of age and basic education the opportunity to study at the University of Applied Sciences (UAS). There are courses in every field of study and the credits completed are parts of the degrees.
At the Open Studies you can

  • update or complete your skills
  • acquire knowledge and skills in new fields
  • get acquainted with studies at UAS
  • simply study for fun to expand your general knowledge

Studying at the Open Studies does not automatically lead to a degree, but if you later apply to study on a UAS degree programme in the same field, the credits completed at the Open Studies will be transferred.

After completion of courses a transcript of records will be sent to you.

Note! International students may need a visa or residence permit for Open Studies, depending on their citizenship. It is difficult to get these permits only for Open Studies, which are not leading to a degree. For further information, please visit the website of the Finnish Immigration Service.

Study Path 60 ECTS

If you cannot directly apply to the University of Applied Sciences, you are able to study at the UAS through a Study Path at the Open Studies. The aims and requirements of the Study Path courses correlate to the degree programme courses and the Study Path is offered to everyone regardless of age and educational background.

The aim is to complete 60 ECTS according to the degree programme curriculum in one academic year. Study right as a study path student is granted for maximum of four semesters.

The studies are executed in the groups of degree programme students. A personal study plan, in which the background, wishes and aims of the Open Studies student are taken into consideration, is drafted at the beginning of the studies.

After the completion of 60 ECTS at the Open Studies you are allowed to apply to the University of Applied Sciences in a separate application process (see below). All credits completed earlier will be transferred to your future degree.

Tuition fees

The tuition fee is 15 EUR/1 ECTS. A material or qualification certificate fee is charged on some courses. 

The tuition fee of the Study Path is 90 EUR per one semester.

Studying at the Open Studies is free of charge to the Saimaa UAS staff.

Enrolment and terms of cancellation

Enrolment is done via the Training Calendar at the course description. If the course description does not open, the enrolment period has ended or the course is already full of student. Enrolment should be done at least a week before the beginning of studies.

In case you could not find suitable courses from the Training Calendar, please contact the department leader. You can check all available courses from SoleOps. First choose 1. Academic year 2018 - 2019, 2. Suitable for students of the Open University of Applied Sciences and 3. Language of instruction - English → Search

Students are registered for the course in the order of their enrolment. Special courses will be realized only if there are enough participants. Registration in binding. The already paid tuition fee is non-refundable. We reserve the right to make timetable, teacher and place changes.

Degree programmes – separate application process

People who have studied at an open university of applied sciences can apply for degree programmes through a separate application process. The credit points from the open university of applied sciences may not be more than three years old, and the points must be entered in the credit register before the applicant can be granted the right to be a degree student. Credit points from all open universities of applied sciences will be accepted. Higher education abroad does not grant eligibility.

Those aiming for a UAS degree can use the separate application process to apply for degree studies once they have at least 60 programme-specific credit points. Those aiming for a higher UAS degree can use the separate application process to apply for degree studies once they have 20 programme-specific credit points in the case of programmes of 90 credit points, or 15 programme-specific credit points in the case of programmes of 60 credit points. Those applying to be higher UAS degree students must also have the required eligibility to apply.

Once you have gained a sufficient amount of programme-specific study at the open university of applied sciences, you can use the separate application process to apply for degree studies at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences.


Go to and find the separate application process for Saimaa UAS to apply.

Application period: 2 May 2019 at 8.00 am – 16 May 2019 at 3 pm.

In the separate application process for Saimaa UAS, you can only apply for Saimaa UAS degree programmes and one programme only.

There is a limited number of places of study. The number of available places of study will be specified later. Students will be selected according to the application and an interview. The application process for some degree programmes also include an aptitude test. The credit points must match the degree programme that the applicant is applying for. The degree programme manager will decide which students are selected.

Basis of selection

If there are several applicants for the same degree programme and there are not enough places of study for all of them, the applicants will be prioritised as follows:

  • Aptitude test (when applicable)
  • Path study grades
  • Interview

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