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WinhaWille Instructions

Students studying at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences can use the students’ intranet service (WinhaWille) to check their personal data, credits and assessments that have been recorded in the credit record. The credit data is kept up to date so that all grades that a student has gained are recorded in the credit record and can be seen by the student through the student interface. Students can print a copy of their record; however, please note that this printout is not valid for official purposes. A certified (stamped) transcript of the academic record can be obtained from the unit’s Student Affairs Office.

You can order a study certificate and certificate of completed studies etc. on-line here.

The user ID required to access the WinhaWille service is the same as the student code. New students can obtain their password from the Student Affairs Office of their unit. Should you forget your password or should it be locked, contact the Student Affairs Office of your unit.

Students can use WinhaWille to enrol as an attending or non-attending student and to enrol on courses. 

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