Work placement or clinical practice is an integral part of polytechnic studies. The goal of professional practice is to train students in a supervised environment regarding the basic practical aspects of work in their chosen field. One week of supervised training equals 1.5 study credits.

The fields decide on the requirements for the content, extent and timing of work placement/clinical practice. Work placement/clinical practice can be done either in Finland or abroad.

Business Administration

Before the placement

  • Work Placement Guide (PDF)
  • Placement step by step (PDF)
  • Work Placement Agreement (DOC) +
  • Work plan (DOC) or
  • Work Placement Plan (DOC)

During the placement

  • Work Placement Diary (DOC)

After the placement

  • Instructions for Preparing a Practical Training Report (PDF)
  • Placement certificate template (DOC)

Fine Arts

  • Work Placement Guide (PDF)
  • Work Placement Agreement (DOC)

Health Care and Social Services, Technology, Tourism and Hospitality

Work Placement instructions are located at Saimaa UAS Moodle.

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