The Spirit of Stone

The Spirit of Stone
South-Karelia Museum

The Spirit of Stone event in Lappeenranta

The Spirit of Stone event will bring to Lappeenranta an exhibition,
work-shops and lectures, related to stones and jewellery. Theme of the event is the spirit, mythic and power of the stone. The Spirit of Stone
is organized in cooperation with Kalevala Jewelry
(Kalevala Koru) and South-Karelia Museum.

The exhibition called The Spirit of Stone is held from May 8th in 2011 to January 8th in 2012 in South-Karelia Museum. It will present the prehistory of the stone and some of the best works from the international competition for art jewelry students. The exhibition also includes an invitation exhibition for jewelry artists around the world and a stone jewellery exhibition of Kalevala Koru.